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Controlling your house has never been so easy

Insteon Hub is an Insteon central controller for the rest of us; a simple and straightforward device that connects you to your home from any smartphone, tablet or Apple Watch, anywhere in the world. Control Insteon light bulbs, wall switches, outlets, and thermostats at home or remotely and receive instant email or push notification alerts from motion, door and window, water leak, and smoke sensors while you’re away. Just start with the Hub, select the Insteon devices for your home and enjoy.

What’s New

The Best Insteon Controller on the Market Just Got Better

Reduced cost. The lowest cost connected home hub on the market.
Field upgradable. Receive new feature updates.
Easiest set-up. 3 minute setup times are common.
50% improvement to our already leading wireless range.
Live status. Offers on-screen updates for connected items.
Smaller, sleeker design.

Insteon Hub Home Automation Kits

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Control Devices

With the Insteon Hub, remote control of your Insteon devices is truly remote. Turn your switches on, off, dim and brighten from anywhere in your home or across the globe. It’s also really easy to set your On Level and Ramp Rate from your smartphone.

Build Scenes

Take full advantage of your Insteon devices and create scenes that sculpt the light for your entire home. The Insteon Hub makes scene building fast and easy, giving you full control over your home’s lighting.

Create Schedules

With just a few taps, you can schedule your Insteon devices to turn on and off at sunrise, sunset or anytime during the day.

Dimmers, Switches & Outlets

Light Bulbs



Control Your Thermostat

It’s never been easier to adjust the temperature of your home; whether you’re in bed or heading home from work, dial in the perfect temperature no matter where you are.

Monitor Cameras

No need to switch apps to monitor your IP Cameras – do it all with our mobile app. Pan and tilt your Insteon Cameras from anywhere in the world. It’s cool and it connects you to what matters most.

Check Sensors

The Insteon Hub keeps track of every door, window, motion, water leak and smoke sensor in your home, giving you instant insight into the current state of your home: secure, insecure or anywhere in between.

Thermostats Cameras Sensors

Control on Apple Watch

With the Insteon App on Apple Watch, control of your Insteon devices is never out of reach.

Monitor and control your home from your Apple Watch – all you need is the Insteon Hub. Keep an eye on sensors. Look in on your WiFi cameras. Activate a scene with just a tap. And even control your ceiling fans, garage door, lights and more.

Control at home or away

You’ll never be too far from home.

The Hub works in combination with your router and smartphone or tablet to control Insteon devices in your home while you’re there or when you’re at work and on vacation. There’s no setup or configuration – it just works from the moment you plug it in.


Instant Notification

Push notifications and email alerts from anywhere.

Create alerts by adding water leak sensors, motion sensors, door/window sensors and more. The Insteon Hub will send push notifications and email alerts to you as well as anyone else you wish. And you can quickly check in on your home with your smartphone or tablet and ensure that every door and window is closed.

Your Eyes and Ears

Add WiFi Cameras for total home surveillance.

Wonder what triggered the motion sensor or just want to check in on the kids or your pets? Add a wireless camera and you’ll see it all from your smartphone. The Insteon cameras feature pan/tilt control and night vision.

Enhanced Security

Rest easy with the Insteon Hub.

We know that the safety of your home is paramount. That’s why we’ve engineered the new Insteon Hub to use industry standard secure, encrypted communication to and from our Cloud Servers.

Increased Range

Now featuring a more powerful Insteon Radio.

We’re making Insteon Hub better than ever and with the new, refined radio, you’ll have coverage in more areas of your home without additional devices or range extenders. Now you have the freedom to place devices further and know that they will work without fail.

No Monthly Fees

Even more affordable.

That’s right. No monthly fees to view, control and monitor your home. Other systems on the market charge hundreds of dollars a year* for services that you can get for free with the Insteon Hub.


 Fee Comparison

 ADT Pulse  $3,300
 Vivint  $3,000
 Verizon  $600
 Lowe’s IRIS  $600
 Schlage Nexia  $540
 Insteon  Free

* Sum total of monthly fees over a 5-year period

Central Controllers Compared

Not all controllers are created equal.

See how the Insteon Hub stacks up to other Insteon central controllers. Find the controller that has the right feature set for your needs. Do you want to monitor your home while you’re at work and receive a push notification when your kids get home? Or do you want a system that rivals the most sophisticated professional installations with custom interfaces and hundreds of devices? It’s all possible with Insteon and the right controller.


 Controller Comparison

 Features  Hub  Indigo  ISY
 Add by ID
 Conditional Triggers  –
 IP Camera Support  –
 IR Support
 Insteon Scenes
 Email Alerts
 Text Message Alerts
 Push Notifications
 Conditional Alerts
 Mac OS X
 Windows 8
 Windows Phone 8
 Price $99 $89 – $179 $285 – $359

Original Insteon Hub vs. New Insteon Hub

 Features  Original Insteon Hub ( 2242-222)  New Insteon Hub (2245-222)
 Setup Time  15-30 minutes  3-5 minutes
 Field Upgradable  No  Yes
 Remote Access  User configurable  Automatically Configured (no port forwarding required)
 RF Range  Up to 150 feet  Up to 250 feet
 Time Tracking  Internal  Synced with network time server
  Maximum # of Alerts  256  1,000
 Maximum # of Schedules  256  1,000
 PLM*  Yes *(can be used as an interface for HouseLinc)  No
 X10 Supported  Yes  No

Insteon Hub Pro (HomeKit-enabled) vs. Insteon Hub

Insteon Hub Pro (HomeKit-enabled) Insteon Hub
2243-222 2245-222
 Control Insteon Devices
 Control HomeKit Devices
 Guest Users
 Wi-Fi Camera Support
 Price $149 $79
 Email Alerts
 Push Notifications *
 Text Message Alerts
 Conditional Alerts
 Mac OS X
 Windows 8
 Windows Phone 8

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